Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Auto Industry Rebuilds US Economy

Americans are now choosing to buy small cars rather than big cars. The fact that you can save gas and money. It is more affordable and even people from the middle class can buy these cars.

According to Mark Filed, vice president of Ford motor company, they made invesments in small cars because consumers are embracing small cars in a big way. "Fiesta" this is the new small car that comes to the North American marketfor the first time success in other.

Another top selling company like Chevrolet , introduced their compact car with excellent handling and high quality ride. This offers an upscale presence with the fuel economy and price tag of a compact.

Detroit is finally rebounding, builds small cars to generate profit return.

These companies believed that they can help the auto industry by building small cars. And we hope this to happen for the sake of our economy.

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