Thursday, July 28, 2011

Performance chips and powerboards, a must for every power vehicle ( performance chips and power boards)

Nowadays, sophisticated technological platforms are likewise incorporated into vehicle systems. Although this practice has been observed before, the type of performance chips added into cars and trucks has also evolved. Basically, performance chips increase the automobiles’ efficiency.

The basics of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

The electronic control unit or more popularly known as the ECU is the one responsible for the overall electronic system of the vehicle. Similar to personal computers, ECU serves as t car’s motherboard. It controls and directs the automobile’s door locks, air bags and doors, to name a few. But as mentioned, these can be modified and upgraded.

Chip tuning, defined
Chip tuning pertains to the process of altering or changing the car’s EPROM to achieve better driving results. More often than not, this is performed by adding plug-in devices that are designed to redefine how an electric unit functions.

The birth of performance chips

Performance chips have been already used during the early 40s and 50s. Space rockets and engines are perhaps the first machines to incorporate these electronic platforms. But since these spacecrafts share similar operating principles with land-based vehicles, the need to embed such systems increased.

How does a performance chip function
It is a long-known fact that every purchased vehicle comes with a pre-made ECU. Unfortunately, not all ECUs meet the expectations of its owners, thus presenting a wide array of problems. This is where these chips enter the limelight. Because of them, owners can modify their vehicle’s performance without going through major vehicle alterations or engine replacements. Some performance chips even come with additional function. Take for example the case of powerboards or powersteps.


Powerboards or powersteps are electronically controlled running boards. These are likewise non-slip platforms that help individuals to easily mount their vehicles. Powerboards, however, can be hidden underneath the vehicle when not in use. This is in stark contrast to ordinary powersteps that requires to be manually set-aside.

Benefits of performance chips

While installing performance chips equates to purchasing a new electronic system, its benefits cannot be taken for granted.

One of its major advantages is increasing the vehicle’s mileage and achieving maximum fuel economy. It does not demand too much effort from the vehicle. Instead, it efficiently regulates how diesel is utilized. It adjusts the so-called air to fuel ratio. It sees to it that the right quantity of air and fuel are used by the combustion by the combustion engine, thus preventing a total waste of diesel and gas and overheating. In an era where gas prices constantly increase, indeed, a performance chip ensures practicality.

The ignition system is likewise improved by performance chips. Mechanical ignition systems are prone to constant burning, which evidently, needs to be constantly replaced. Yet, with electronically-controlled systems, sparks are controlled.

Monday, July 25, 2011

How to take care of off road tires

Heavy-duty tires also reach its limits. Thus to maximize it, here are some of the most important tips to ensure its durability.

Maintenance comes on top of the list.  Check the tread regularly. Long before it is used on the road, check whether it has minor damages. These seemingly insignificant flaws may get worse that may prevent these car parts from properly functioning.

Aside from constant checking, constant cleaning also makes a difference. Mud and dirt can shorten the life of off-road tires. Although they have the ability to easily get rid of these things. Removing unwanted stuff does make a total difference.

Replacing destroyed parts is also a must for offroad tires. These car parts cannot deliver one’s expectations if it is not functioning properly.

Other than performing repairs, one should also know when to resort to a major repair. If the whole tire is broken, then it is best to buy a new one rather than take the risk of being exposed to fatal accidents.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Schwarz to start with all-new AGM-Jimco BMW X6 Trophy Truck.

The most awaited premiere of the AGM - Jimco X6 Score Trophy Truck now it's all go. Team boss Martin Christensen and his crew are working flat out round the clock on the new vehicle. All German Motorsports assemble the Trophy Truck in the USA in close collaboration with Jimco, the most experienced and best chassis manufacturer in the international offroad scene. Jimco is responsible for the chassis and the construction of the vehicle. TriStar Metals, a US subsidiary of Stammcut, supply premium quality material for the new frame under the X6 silhouette.

The design of the new Trophy Truck was developed in close cooperation with the creative team of Achim Storz. DESIGN STORZ based in Zell am See (Austria) developed the silhouette of the Trophy Truck with the body of the BMW X6 as an inspiration. The team found the greatest challenges in realising the idea of this special shape while incorporating the technical features of a Trophy Truck.

Another partner is Meziere Enterprises, a long-standing supporter of AGM that specialises in machined and lathed parts for racing. Team boss Christensen spent many nights with engineers from Meziere, developing calculations, drawings and CAD data.

"There is an incredible amount of machined parts on this Trophy Truck. We rely on the lightweight construction - whether it’s aluminium, magnesium or titanium - that Meziere has made for us," says Armin Schwarz. All carbon-fibre components on the vehicle, for instance the internal parts that are exposed to strong vibrations, are supplied by partner Lynx Composites.

With the suspension, All German Motorsports places it trust in partners Eibach and Fox. They equip the Trophy Truck not only with springs and shock absorbers, but also contribute to the planning. In conjunction with Eibach and Fox, team boss Christensen calculated what the suspension must withstand and provide taking the weight of the vehicle into consideration.

Powering the AGM-Jimco X6 Trophy Truck is a 725 hp V8 Denzio BMW engine. The filter system and the air ducting were set-up by K&N in Riverside, California. Partner Remus built an ultra-lightweight exhaust with a multi-flow 4-in-1 exhaust system. "This provides the unmistakeable sound of the Trophy Truck. That’s exactly what our fans love to hear," said Schwarz. Liqui Moly is the supplier of all lubricants which have been specifically developed for the hot, sandy and difficult conditions of offroad racing in the desert.

Fortin delivers the gearbox: A sequential shift automatic gearbox. "At the rear axle we work with Drexler Motorsport for the first time. They are experts in the field of differentials. We selected a differential which gives us considerably better vehicle handling on the twisty and rolling tracks than a rigid drive," explains Schwarz. "And as far as tyres are concerned, we are sticking with our good and reliable partner, BF Goodrich. Their rubber is a must."

All German Motorsports get all the safety systems, like the Recaro seats, the Schroth harness system, race wear, helmets and the Stand21 HANS system, as well as all the small parts like switches and so forth, from their partner Off Road Warehouse ORW.

But it’s not just about hardware in the AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck, it’s also about the software. In conjunction with B&M Tricon, the team launched a development project. IT solutions were found that are intended to contribute to simplifying and optimising the set-up of the vehicle in the future.

For August, All German Motorsports plan comparison tests with the new vehicle, which stands out from other Trophy Trucks through its low weight and substantially better aerodynamics. In September, the AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck will celebrate its public launch in Germany. As part of the presentation, new partners will be announced.

"Our first race with the AGM-Jimco Trophy Truck will be in November at the Baja 1000," says Schwarz. "We’re regarding the Baja 1000 more as a test run and as a good preparation for the 2012 season in the US SCORE Offroad Championship. That’s when we want to secure our first wins."


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Suspension overview

The suspension of a vehicle has 3 components. First is the tyre, second is the spring and third is the shock Absorber.

We need to understand that these three components always need to be in good condition to be able to keep the vehicles tyres in contact with the road.

The main function of the shock absorber is to regulate the movement of the spring and ensure the saferide of the passengers. Even with new tyres and new brakes, unless all shock absorbers are in good working order vehicle safety is compromised because of reduced wheel contact with the road.

But what if it does'nt have shock absorbers but it as spring?  Your car can still absorp bumps but but the undampened suspension means that the vehicle continues to bounce and causes the tyres to leave the road.

With Spring and shock absorbers, not only the car absorbs the bumps but also the shock absorbers dampen the spring and prevent from bouncing

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores, Inc.  formerly known as  Musket Corporation will be celebrating its 100th truck tire care center with a three-day customer appreciation event July 12-14. They are adding truck tire care centers to new and existing travel stops and plans to add more tire care to locations as part of its 2011 capital expidentures.
LOVE travel Stops and Country Stores

Love’s truck tire care centers sell new and used Michelin, BFGoodrich, Yokohama and Double Coin truck tires and offer tire alignments, rotations, changes and more. Love’s technicians are trained to install or replace anything f Marion country Chamber witrom antennas to batteries and mudflaps.

The Grand opening is on Tuesday July 12, 2011. Partnered with Marion Country Chamber of Commerce. As a part of Love’s commitment to giving back to the communities it serves, Jenny Love Meyer will present a $4,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Marion County. The 100th truck tire care center opening events include:

Tuesday, July 12, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Ribbon cutting at 9 a.m.- Jenny Love Meyer will speak;
Radio personality Chip Morris from The Sky radio station will be live from 9 a.m.-11 a.m.;
Cookout in the parking lot from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.;
Michelin will be onsite with their experience trailer and the Michelin Man;
Centramatic will give tire-balancing demonstrations;
Drawings for one set of Michelin steer tires, a PC Miler GPS unit and a set of Centramatic tire balancers; and
Several free giveaways.

Wednesday, July 13, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
WKTK and WSKY radio will have their Wellness Van on site from 10 a.m.-noon offering free blood pressure and cholesterol testing;
Radio personality Bob Rose from The Sky radio station will be live from noon-2 p.m.;
Customers will receive a coupon for a free Subway footlong with any purchase from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.;
Yokohama will be on site;
Drawings for one set of Yokohama steer tires and one PC Miler GPS unit; and
Several free giveaways.

Thursday, July 14, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What type of Rims you want for your truck.

Rims are important for any car or trucks. It can make look your car  better than before, same goes for trucks. But if you want your truck to look more aggressive and mean, you do not need a big rim. Put 16 to 17 inch rim to have more room for rubber and not chrome.

You will  see more exotic chrome rims, but  personally I suggest this two rims . They have a really aggressive look, especially if you wrap a huge super swamper  around it.

The Spoke rims- it is used a lot more that Bullet Hole rims , but still look good, especially the powder coated ones. If you decide to go to a larger rim, this would be the kind of rim you would want to use. Bullet hole rims tend not to look so good when bigger sizes are used.

Bullet Hole Rims- If you want your rim to look more classy, bullet hole rim is what you need. It can really give your offroad vehicles that mean look. Most go with a bullet hole rim , because of the holes in the rim and the rim look more symmetrical with the tire