Thursday, July 28, 2011

Performance chips and powerboards, a must for every power vehicle ( performance chips and power boards)

Nowadays, sophisticated technological platforms are likewise incorporated into vehicle systems. Although this practice has been observed before, the type of performance chips added into cars and trucks has also evolved. Basically, performance chips increase the automobiles’ efficiency.

The basics of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

The electronic control unit or more popularly known as the ECU is the one responsible for the overall electronic system of the vehicle. Similar to personal computers, ECU serves as t car’s motherboard. It controls and directs the automobile’s door locks, air bags and doors, to name a few. But as mentioned, these can be modified and upgraded.

Chip tuning, defined
Chip tuning pertains to the process of altering or changing the car’s EPROM to achieve better driving results. More often than not, this is performed by adding plug-in devices that are designed to redefine how an electric unit functions.

The birth of performance chips

Performance chips have been already used during the early 40s and 50s. Space rockets and engines are perhaps the first machines to incorporate these electronic platforms. But since these spacecrafts share similar operating principles with land-based vehicles, the need to embed such systems increased.

How does a performance chip function
It is a long-known fact that every purchased vehicle comes with a pre-made ECU. Unfortunately, not all ECUs meet the expectations of its owners, thus presenting a wide array of problems. This is where these chips enter the limelight. Because of them, owners can modify their vehicle’s performance without going through major vehicle alterations or engine replacements. Some performance chips even come with additional function. Take for example the case of powerboards or powersteps.


Powerboards or powersteps are electronically controlled running boards. These are likewise non-slip platforms that help individuals to easily mount their vehicles. Powerboards, however, can be hidden underneath the vehicle when not in use. This is in stark contrast to ordinary powersteps that requires to be manually set-aside.

Benefits of performance chips

While installing performance chips equates to purchasing a new electronic system, its benefits cannot be taken for granted.

One of its major advantages is increasing the vehicle’s mileage and achieving maximum fuel economy. It does not demand too much effort from the vehicle. Instead, it efficiently regulates how diesel is utilized. It adjusts the so-called air to fuel ratio. It sees to it that the right quantity of air and fuel are used by the combustion by the combustion engine, thus preventing a total waste of diesel and gas and overheating. In an era where gas prices constantly increase, indeed, a performance chip ensures practicality.

The ignition system is likewise improved by performance chips. Mechanical ignition systems are prone to constant burning, which evidently, needs to be constantly replaced. Yet, with electronically-controlled systems, sparks are controlled.

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