Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What type of Rims you want for your truck.

Rims are important for any car or trucks. It can make look your car  better than before, same goes for trucks. But if you want your truck to look more aggressive and mean, you do not need a big rim. Put 16 to 17 inch rim to have more room for rubber and not chrome.

You will  see more exotic chrome rims, but  personally I suggest this two rims . They have a really aggressive look, especially if you wrap a huge super swamper  around it.

The Spoke rims- it is used a lot more that Bullet Hole rims , but still look good, especially the powder coated ones. If you decide to go to a larger rim, this would be the kind of rim you would want to use. Bullet hole rims tend not to look so good when bigger sizes are used.

Bullet Hole Rims- If you want your rim to look more classy, bullet hole rim is what you need. It can really give your offroad vehicles that mean look. Most go with a bullet hole rim , because of the holes in the rim and the rim look more symmetrical with the tire

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