Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Roof Racks versus Cargo Carriers

How can you differentiate sports roof rack from a cargo carriers? Both are useful but there are some advantages of using roof racks than using carriers

1.The capacity- Compare the capacity load of the roof racks and the cargo carriers. You may want to use roof racks because you can put heavy loads or you can put as little as you want onto your roof. Than using a cargo carrier.

 2. Versatile- Roof Racks are more versatile than the cargo carriers. You can place anything you want . If you use roof bags , you can secure more of your belongings. You can hide important things.

3.Sporty look- Roof racks t provide the perfect setup for adding extra devices to your vehicle's roof, enabling you to carry bikes, surfboards, or even kayaks to your vacation spot.

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